If you find the training too hard, take a look at the following hints:

1) Are you putting in the time and effort needed?
Remember it takes time and hard work to learn a foreign language well enough to communicate effectively. It doesn’t happen overnight!

2) Be patient!
If you're a beginner, things will take longer. You have to start with the basics and look up words. Right-click on a word to see its translation. Don't worry; your hard work will pay off sooner than you think!

3) Click 'Solution' if you are stuck.
If you do not know the answer, you can click 'Solution'. Look over the correct answers and try the exercise again.

4) Take your time!
You can work anytime and anywhere. You do not need to keep up with a group. Take all the time you need, and move on only when you feel comfortable. That's the advantage of blended learning!

5) Use the vocabulary trainer!
Begin by selecting the words from the language course that you wish to learn and transfer them into your personal vocabulary list.

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