Get started with ‘Your daily practice’:

To make consistent progress, log in to the Speexx portal every day, even if you only have a few minutes, and complete the exercises that show up in 'Your daily practice'. This will help you practice your reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciations skills.

Translate the exercise instruction by clicking on the arrow:

When you’ve finished an exercise, be sure to use the correction function to see your result and receive detailed feedback on your work.

Click on the question mark to get help with an exercise:

As you complete the exercises in your daily practice, new ones will become available.

If you struggle with any exercises, don’t worry, we learn by making mistakes! Repeat the exercises as many times as you need. They are not designed to test you, they are an active learning exercise! Can you feel yourself become faster and more sure of yourself with each repetition?

Any exercises that you find challenging will reappear in your daily practice in the future to ensure you get targeted practice on the aspects of the language where you really need it.

To return to your overview page after completing an exercise, click on the word 'Speexx' at the top of the page, or the back arrow:

For a full overview of all of the features and options available to you in the Speexx portal, watch the video tutorial. You can find the tutorial by clicking the ‘Support link’ in your portal:

Remember - 'Your daily practice' forms the core of your language training.

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