We always recommend that you study at the level you have reached in your Speexx language assessment. This ensures you are placed at the optimal level of challenge for your current language skills. Please remember that learning a language should not be too easy. Your level should be challenging enough for you. This means you should make some mistakes.

When learning a language, mistakes are good! They are not to be feared. If you feel embarrassed or disappointed when you can’t give a perfect response, try to see these moments as opportunities for learning. By making mistakes, you learn where you need to improve. It's also perfectly natural to make more mistakes when speaking than when writing. After all, you need to think much more quickly when you speak!

To improve your speaking, the key is to make the most of every chance to practice. It is very common to understand more than you can say. In your training sessions, you may need to start more slowly, speaking at a slightly lower level than that which you are studying and concentrating on familiar topics. All our coaches can help with this and will adjust their approach to help you.

With regular practice, you will find your confidence begins to grow and as you become more fluent, your ability to produce the language you are learning at a similar level to that which you can understand passively will quickly catch up.

The most difficult step of this process is the first one. You must be brave enough to get started, get speaking, and practice, practice, practice!

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